The Main Registration Desk

The main registration or check-in desk at Providence St. Mary Medical Center is in the main lobby, just inside the front entrance facing Fifth Avenue. This will be your first stop, whether you are coming in for lab work, imaging tests such as x-rays and mammograms, or other hospital services, except for emergency procedures and doctor’s appointments. After your registration information is collected, you will be directed to the department that is providing your services. If you have any difficulty finding your way around, please just ask a staff member to assist you. We are happy to provide directions or an escort.

Doctor’s appointments

For your appointment with a physician, please check in directly at that physician’s office unless you are directed to do otherwise. The office may be in the main hospital building at 401 W. Poplar St., the Poplar Medical Complex at 301 W. Poplar St., or the Chase Medical Complex at 380 Chase St., directly behind the hospital. If you are uncertain where your physician is located, call 509-526-3333, and we will provide you with that information.


For emergencies, please go directly to the Emergency Department on the Fifth Avenue side of the hospital.

Questions asked during registration and services

During your time here, you may be asked some questions many times, such as your name and address. While this may seem repetitive, it is an important safety measure that the staff performs to ensure you receive the care and services specifically intended for you.