Frequently Asked Questions

A minimum of 2,000 hours (1 year) are required for completion of the residency program. The expectation of the residency program is that the residents put in the time and effort necessary to effectively complete the program objectives. Preceptors are responsible for ensuring that the time requirements for each learning experience are communicated to the resident.

Resident positions are salaried positions at Providence St. Mary Medical Center and are not paid by the hour. Graduation and presentation of the Residency Certificate is contingent upon completion of all program objectives and resident personal goals.

The resident is required to complete a major project during the twelve-month program. The project will address an aspect of pharmacy practice and must be approved by the Residency Director.

The resident may suggest a project based upon needs of the pharmacy program, or choose from a list of potential projects provided by the pharmacy team. This list may involve original clinical or administrative research, program development, interdisciplinary medication use quality improvement project or another aspect of pharmacy practice.

The project will be presented at Midyear in December and the Western States Residency Conference held each spring and have a business plan or manuscript presented to the RPD, Director of Pharmacy, and St Mary Medical Center administration (if applicable) prior to the completion of the residency year. In addition, the resident must submit a project poster at the ASHP midyear meeting.

As a pharmacy resident, you will be an employee of Providence St. Mary Medical Center and you will qualify for employee benefits. Your benefits package will include medical, prescription, vision and dental coverage (for you and your dependents) and paid time off. The residency program supports travel to state, regional and national meetings.