Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center

This is what it means to #FINISHCANCER

Cancer doesn’t just affect those who have it – it affects everyone. And everyone has a role to play in finishing it, right here in Walla Walla.

No one with cancer has to go it alone. We offer resources and services, from diagnosis and beyond, to ensure you have the support you need to focus on what matters: getting better.

Your team of specialists fights cancer with the most effective options available, and tailors treatment to your needs and preferences. Treatment may include a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy or radiation therapy. If you’re interested in clinical trials, we’ll help connect you to the latest cancer treatments.

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Don’s story

'I have been cancer free for the past five months and look forward to enjoying every moment, never taking life for granted,' says Don - a cancer survivor. 'I am in the driver seat again.'

“I have been cancer free for the past five months. I am in the driver seat again.”

Jessica's Story

'My favorite thing about working with cancer patients is the relationships we build, and the chance to help them finish cancer,' says Jessica Randell, RN a caregiver at Providence St. Mary Medical Center. 'I enjoy being able to support them from their first day of treatment through their entire treatment journey.'

“I dream of the day we really do finish cancer.”

Shawna's story

'For me, #FINISHCANCER is about moving on from the diagnosis and treatment,' says Shawna Larsen, a breast cancer survivor. 'To look at each day not from the point of view of cancer but from the perspective of living fully.'

“#FINISHCANCER means to learn from this diagnosis, live fully and help others.”