Volunteer Opportunities

How to become a volunteer

  1. Complete volunteer placement questionnaire online (below) or download the questionnaire and mail to: Providence St. Peter Hospital, Volunteer Services 02H12, 413 Lilly Road NE, Olympia, WA 98506
  2. After questionnaire has been reviewed, applicant will be contacted. If a good match for volunteer assignment is identified and available, applicant will be sent application with required background check form to complete. Background checks for employees and volunteers are processed by a totally secure contracted company. 
  3. Once background check is cleared, Volunteer Services can contact volunteer to schedule orientation. A health appointment is required for a TB test and to discuss current hospital immunizations and immunity requirements.
  4. After completing health screening appointment and general orientation, volunteer will receive their uniform and badge. Volunteer Services will contact the assigned area’s volunteer liaison to arrange training.


  1. Confidentiality: In all roles at Providence, we must uphold a high level of respect and confidentiality at all times, so each individual will sign a confidentiality statement and behavior pledge of commitment in orientation placed in their volunteer file. Those who fail to abide by this signed commitment are subject to termination from volunteer program. 
  2. General appearance: Those who work and volunteer their services are to wear appropriate attire. Therefore, while attending orientation or volunteer duty wearing hospital ID badge and hospital provided uniform; shorts, sweatpants, jogging outfits, blue denim jeans and flip-flops are not allowed.
  3. Uniforms: Volunteers are required to wear their uniform with their photo ID visible at all times. Uniform can be worn with casual business attire that complies with hospital’s personal appearance standards information provided at volunteer orientation. 
  4. Attendance: If volunteer is ill or unable to report to their assignment for any reason, volunteer must notify their location liaison in person in advance or by voicemail or email as soon as possible. Volunteer missing three consecutive weeks in their assignment without prior notification is subject to removal from program.
  5. Performance evaluations: Annual volunteer performance evaluations completed by their assigned location liaison are required by Providence to be in volunteer’s hospital file for compliance with County Health Department regulation.
  6. Annual refresher hospital education: Volunteers are required to complete an annual education packet that is a refresher of volunteer orientation and must be part of their volunteer file in order to remain a volunteer.
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