Current Pharmacy Residents

Pharmacy Residents 2018-2019
Residency Project
Jason LaFlamme (PCH)
Optimizing communication and interventions in a pharmacist led transitions of care program
Cherisse Norberte (PCH)
Reducing code gray (combative behavior) events through medication review and management
Sul Gi Chae
Implementing an inpatient interdisciplinary opioid stewardship program
Laura Carpenter (PGY1) (PGY1/PGY2/MHA
Interdisciplinary rounding to reduce heart failure re-admissions an improve goal-directed medication therapy
Jihan Haji
Enhancing health literacy: the pharmacist’s role in communicating linguistically and culturally appropriate medication education
Mai Nguyen Optimizing medication management of boarded psychiatric patients in the emergency department
James Milner (PGY2) (PGY1/PGY2/MHA) Cost saving opportunities for a non-profit community hospital to mitigate the effects of losing 340bc
Quyen Nguyen Optimizing the use of insulin to reduce the rate of preventable insulin-related hypoglycemic events in hospitalized patients
Alisa Singratanakul
Implementing a collaboratively managed, pharmacist directed, hepatitis C treatment clinic
Truc Nguyen
Optimizing outpatient antibiotic use in the emergency department
Alyssa Chionglo
Interdisciplinary collaboration to expand and optimize current clinical services for behavioral health patients