Beanies given to dads and newborns to promote heart health

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett and the Providence Institute for a Healthier Community are celebrating Healthy Heart Awareness during February in partnership with Fodada, a father-centric clothing line.

Fodada distributes red beanies to newborns and fathers while sharing information about “Life’s Simple Seven” guidelines for a healthy heart, created by the American Heart Association.

Throughout February, fathers and their newborns will have the option of receiving free hats at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett at no cost.

Although no additional participation is required,those who want to share anecdotes about what healthy living means for their family will be encouraged to do so. If desired, caregivers will facilitate those interviews and conversations during the new family’s stay .

“The beanies give new parents an opportunity to commit to their little one by helping them to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle,” said Lori Chudnofsky, regional director of Women and Children’s Services at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.