Cancer Genetic Counseling and Testing

Also known as: Genetic Counseling

Providence provides genetic counseling and testing to both cancer patients and others concerned about their genetic health history. Genetic testing and counseling provide information and guidance to help people understand their risk for hereditary conditions, including specific cancers.

The purpose of genetic testing and counseling is to learn if you or your relatives are at increased risk for cancer or other inherited conditions based on medical and family health history. Having this knowledge can help you and your loved ones make more informed medical decisions.

Our genetic services include:

  • Evaluation of medical and family history information to determine the chance that a condition may be hereditary
  • Assessment of hereditary risks
  • Counseling regarding medical and family history
  • Genetic testing, when a genetic cause is suspected and testing is desired
  • Help in interpreting test results
  • Recommended set of cancer screening tests
  • Strategies to reduce cancer risk

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