Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation helps reduce the effects of the treatments and aids recovery. It can improve your mobility and strength, reduce pain and fatigue, decrease swelling, and improve the quality of your tissue. The overall goal is to improve quality of life.

Depending on your needs, cancer rehabilitation may be beneficial before, during and after treatment. The program tailored to your needs might include:

  • Education
  • Strengthening through progressive exercise
  • Functional activities
  • Therapy to improve your ability to do normal activities of daily living
  • Manual therapy
  • Pain reduction
  • Improving the ability of your tissue to move and flex
  • Reducing and managing chronic edema (swelling) or lymphedema
  • Stress reduction
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Body awareness training
  • Balance
  • Fall risk assessment
  • Learning how to conserve energy and simplify work
  • Learning skill, exercises and therapies you can perform at home to enhance the effectiveness of the program

Our staff members have extensive training and education in cancer rehabilitation and related issues. They include occupational, physical and speech therapists trained in the specific rehabilitation needs of people with cancer. We have staff therapists who are also are certified in lymphedema treatment through the Lymphology Association of North America.

A physician’s referral is required. If you believe you would benefit from cancer rehabilitation but do not have a referral, please talk to you doctor.

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