Cardiac Surgery Single Stay Unit

The Cardiac Single Stay Unit is the first of its kind in Washington state and offers a revolutionary new way of caring for patients. The unit consists of patient rooms with private bathrooms, and the most technologically advanced equipment available, allowing for the best possible cardiac surgery patient care.

Private room for your entire hospital stay

After cardiac surgery, patients are cared for in private rooms in the Cardiac Surgery Single Stay Unit and remain in their rooms their entire hospital stay with the care changing around them – from critical care nursing right after surgery to various therapies to help patients get ready to go home.

Better coordination of care and faster recovery

The Cardiac Surgery Single Stay Unit eliminates the need for transferring cardiac surgery patients from the critical care unit to telemetry to other areas of the hospital. This provides better coordination of care for the patient, improved communication between the caregivers and family members, and a higher level of patient satisfaction and comfort. It even allows for patients to recover more quickly and return home.

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