At our infusion therapy clinics or in a hospital setting, patients receive care from experienced nurses who are specially trained and certified in administering chemotherapy. Our nurses, some with 15-20 years of chemotherapy experience, are devoted to helping patients deal as smoothly as possible with their cancer treatments.

For first-time patients, we offer a class that addresses different aspects of treatment, including side effects that might occur and how to best handle them. Other educational resources about chemotherapy are also available at our clinics. Please feel free to discuss these with your nurse.

Physician appointments and chemotherapy appointments are tracked separately. It is important to tell the receptionist or chemotherapy nurse if you need to see your physician on your next chemotherapy visit so the schedules can be coordinated.


Infusion is the process of putting fluids into your bloodstream. In the case of cancer treatment this is usually chemotherapy drugs.


Chemotherapy (chemo) uses medicine to destroy cancer cells. Most chemotherapy medications are given intravenously (through IV) and may include daily, weekly, or even monthly treatments. Other forms of chemotherapy could be an injection into a specific part of your body, a pill or liquid that you swallow or even a cream that is rubbed on your skin. There have been significant advances in this treatment over the years – including better symptom management – so today's chemo is not the same as your family or friends may have experienced in the past.

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