Explaining ElderPlace

Providence ElderPlace delivers a new system of care for older adults. The goal of Providence ElderPlace is to keep clients as active and healthy in their communities as long as possible by providing a wide range of health and social services. Clients at Providence ElderPlace have a team of professionals acting together to provide these services. This includes doctors, personal care assistants, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, and other health care professionals. The Providence ElderPlace team works together to do everything possible to keep participants out of hospitals and nursing homes.

Most participants attend the Providence ElderPlace Center on a regular basis and round trip transportation is provided. When participants go to the ElderPlace center, they:

  • Can be seen by the Providence ElderPlace provider or nursing staff.
  • Talk to a social worker.
  • Participate in different recreational activities.
  • May receive physical or occupational therapies.
  • Pick up medications.
  • Have lunch.

People who enroll in our program are asked to change their primary care provider to one of the Providence ElderPlace primary care providers. We understand that changing your doctor might be a difficult decision. The benefit to our participants is that our primary care providers have a lighter case load which often gives them more time to listen. They are able to get to know their patients very well in a shorter period of time and truly understand each patient's individual needs.

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