Enteral Nutrition Therapy

Also known as: Tube feeding, Feeding tube

Welcome and thank you for choosing Providence Infusion and Pharmacy Services (PIPS) for your home enteral nutrition therapy needs. We have on-site Certified Nutrition Support Dietitians, Registered Dietitians (RD) and Enteral Supply Coordinators who look forward to working with you and your physician during the time you require enteral nutrition. In order to deliver the highest quality and consistency of care, we partner one RD and Enteral Coordinator as your primary contacts throughout your course of treatment. Your RD will train you in all aspects of your therapy, provide regular nutrition assessments, work with you and your physician to optimize your nutrition treatment, and develop a plan of care that will meet your individual therapeutic needs. This Enteral Referral Reference provides an overview of the care you can expect from PIPS as well as the referral process for your physicians office.

Your Enteral Supply Coordinator will schedule the delivery of your enteral feeding supplies during your course of therapy. When talking to your Enteral Coordinator you may want to refer to this list of enteral feeding tube images for reference. For questions related to your supplies please check out the Enteral Coordinator FAQs or call the main pharmacy number and ask to speak to your Enteral Coordinator.

Your Registered Dietitian will contact you regarding your nutrition status and tolerance of your prescribed therapy. They can also help you with transitional eating as needed. They work closely with you and your doctor to maximize your nutrition status and healing. If you have questions for your RD please check our Enteral Therapy RD FAQs and/or call the main pharmacy number and ask to speak to an RD.

The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition's Enteral Complication Chart is also an excellent trouble shooting tool.

In order to reinforce teaching and provide a reference we have provided links to written guidelines as well as short videos for the enteral therapies we commonly provide. Of course, if your physician has given you specifice instructions that differ from the guidelines below please discuss them with your doctor before changing your approach. The following are guidelines only.

Your individualized packet will contain the specific instructions related to your prescribed therapy. As an additional reference please see the links below.

Written Guidelines

For additional references please visit the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutriiton (ASPEN) website.

The Patient and Caregiver guide located in your admission packet contains additional information about your therapy as well as common questions and contact information.

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