Grief Support

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Grief often hits with an intensity that surprises and overwhelms us. We can't seem to do or accomplish anything. Our old coping skills, which performed so well in the past, fail to stem the flow of tears. Words of sympathy do little to dull the pain that flares inside us.

Bereavement, we soon learn, is a journey. A journey that takes a lot longer, and is a lot bumpier, than we ever thought possible. To help with this journey, Providence provides a comprehensive program of bereavement care and services. While they don't take away the pain, they do help us to understand the grief process and to realize that we are not alone.

Providence offers a full range of compassionate response to children and adults who are grieving the loss of a significant person. We realize the importance of acknowledging the unique grieving process of every individual. Included in this acknowledgement is the understanding that grief has no timeline.

We offer a variety of opportunities for ongoing support and education regarding grief, loss, and life adjustments following the death of a significant person. Our purpose is to help individuals, families and communities identify their needs and strengths and to provide them a supportive presence.

Support groups

A grief support group allows people to come together to help each other through their grief journeys. A group can be either open ended or time limited, created for adults, children or families. Group facilitators are trained and often have master’s degrees in counseling.

Grief support groups allow you to find a connection with others going through similar situations and gain acceptance and new ideas of how to cope. In most support groups, you can share as much or as little of your story as you want. Give yourself two or three sessions to decide if one is right for you.

Grief support groups are held throughout Washington. Check our locations to find one near you.

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