Heart Transplant

Providence provides extensive care for the most critical heart patients: those who suffer from end-stage heart disease. We treat patients through the entire process of preparing for and going home from heart transplants.

Heart transplant team

Heart transplant surgeons, heart failure cardiologist, surgical assistants, transplant coordinators, mechanical heart engineers and research nurses provide the clinical expertise while a financial counselor, social worker, dietitian, psychologist, pulmonologist and data coordinator help the patient with other transplant factors. Our goal is to help all patients return to healthy, active lives as soon as possible.


Patients referred to the program for possible heart transplants receive extensive physical exams as well as financial, psychological and social evaluations before beginning the transplant process. If a patient is found eligible to have a heart transplant, the program provides all of the following

  • Transplant and post-transplant follow-up
  • First-line emergent care and long-range plan of care
  • Collaboration with patient’s health care network
  • Mechanical assist options to help until a heart is available
  • Outpatient monitoring and clinic support

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