Ambulatory infusion suite

A clinic setting where infusion and nursing services are provided. Providence Infusion and Pharmacy Services has ambulatory infusion suites in Renton, Seattle, Everett, and Olympia.

Care plan

A dynamic tool that changes as patient outcomes to treatment are explored. It is intended to help the patient achieve an optimum level of functioning and health. Care planning is a collaborative, multidisciplinary process that includes the patient, family/caregiver, and healthcare team. At Providence Infusion and Pharmacy Services, the healthcare team includes a pharmacist, nurse, and dietitian.

Disease management

Integrated care among care team members with the intention of improving clinical outcomes for a specific diagnosis.


A nutritional product that is administered through a tube directly into the stomach or large intestine.


The slow intravenous injection of medication or nutrition into the body through a catheter.

Infusion pump

A device that moves medication or nutrition into the body at a controlled rate.

IV catheter

A hollow flexible tube inserted into the vein to allow for the infusion of medications or nutrition.

Investigational drugs

Promising new drugs made available to critically ill patients through clinical studies designed to assess the drug’s immediate and long-term safety and effectiveness.

Joint Commission

An independent, not-for-profit organization that sets the standards to measure healthcare quality and evaluates the quality and safety of care for healthcare organizations.


A medication that can be administered into a vein.

Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) Nutrients  introduced into the body intravenously.

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