IV Therapy Team

Your Providence Infusion and Pharmacy Services (PIPS) IV Team welcomes you. Our goal is to help make your infusion therapy go comfortably and smoothly. Your clinical team includes Registered Nurses (RN), Clinical Pharmacists (RPh), Patient Service Representatives (PSR), and Registered Dietitians (RD). A clinician is available to you 24/7. Another important member of our team you will hear from is our scheduler who will help coordinate your RN visits. To reach the scheduler in Western Washington please please call and to reach the scheduler in Eastern Washington please call. Please refer to the Patient and Caregiver Guide to Infusion Services that you received in your admission packet for additional information.

Your IV Nurse: Your PIPS IV nursing team will teach you and/or your care partner how to administer your infusion therapy and then follow up with you weekly for lab draws and dressing changes. The PIPS Scheduler and/or your RN will work with you to arrange weekly nursing visits at your home or at one of our Ambulatory Infusion Centers (AICs). A PIPS RN can be reached in Western Washington and in Eastern Washington 24/7.

Your Patient Service Representative (PSR): Your PSR will coordinate your deliveries and supplies. For questions related to your supplies, please check out the PSR frequently asked questions (FAQs). Please call your PSR in Western Washington and your PSR in Eastern Washington during business hours. 

Your Pharmacist: Your pharmacist will work with you, your doctor and our clinical team to maximize your response to your home IV therapy. They work to maximize the response to your treatment as well as monitor your tolerance to the medications prescribed by your physician. A PIPS RPh can be reached in Western Washington and in Eastern Washington 24/7.

Your Dietitian: If you are receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition from PIPS then a Registered Dietitian(RD) will be part of your clinical team. To talk to your RD please call PIPS during business hours and ask for a dietitian. Your Dietitian works with your pharmacist, nurse and physician to maximize both your response to TPN and your nutrition status. Your PIPS RD also offers help with transitional eating plans. To reach a PIPS RD in Western Washington, please call during business hours. To reach a PIPS RD in Eastern Washington, please call location during business hours.

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