Our Specialists

Providence Infusion and Pharmacy Services is proud of its licensed specialists, who coordinate closely with referring physicians and each other to assure that each therapy is appropriate for the specific patient.

Our care team includes:

Clinical pharmacists

  • Assess medications for appropriateness of selection, dosage and frequency
  • Monitor and trend clinical lab values
  • Recommend therapy options, including dosing
  • Monitor patient responses to therapy to optimize outcomes
  • Screen patients for drug interactions and therapy duplication

Infusion nurses

  • Train patients and caregivers to confidently and safely infuse therapies
  • Manage catheters, including peripheral, midline, and central
  • Assess patient needs in home settings, hospitals and at our Ambulatory Infusion Centers
  • Conduct lab draws

Registered dietitians

  • Train patients and caregivers in all aspects of enteral therapy
  • Provide frequent nutritional assessments
  • Manage enteral, parenteral and oral nutrition therapies
  • Provide home visits and monitor patients who need nutritional counseling