Hear what our patients have to say about us

IV Antibiotic Therapy

CH writes: "Dear Providence Infusion Services Staff, I want to thank you for saving my life. Without assistance available to me, I could have never been able to get the treatment I needed to save my life. You made it possible. To my nurse L, supplier B, billing assistant J, and to each and every other person who worked with me, I am so grateful to you. Thank you for your patience, your professionalism, and your kindness, answering my questions, offering reassurance, being flexible, and eternally helpful. I will never forget. With deepest gratitude." 

"I can't remember the names of all the women that helped me learn about giving D. his antibiotic, but they have all been a wonderful help to me. From the two women at the hospital who were so patient with me (because I knew I had to get it right and remember everything), to the women who sent the supplies and the delivery guys-always so sweet, even though our house was not on the GPS! I can't say enough about how organized you-all are, of course, I wouldn't have been able to do this to help my husband if not for all of You. It seems to be a slow process, but D. is improving and seems to be feeling a little better every day. Thank you so much!" 

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Therapy

EP writes: 'All Staff have been very helpful and friendly during all contacts I have had with them. But I like to mention that the nurse R, has been particularly clear in his instruction I received the first two days of services-and very encouraging. Also he was very helpful and calming when I had a problem setting up the TPN one evening. I am very grateful."

LK writes: "All staff members that we came in contact with were extremely helpful and showed concern about our well-being. Patient was discharged from the hospital on very short notice. Providence staff responded quickly and all needs were met including TPN training."

Other Feedback

KS writes: "Everyone involved was courteous, professional, 'and' knowledgeable in our experience. Which helped ease a stressful time. Thank you."

MM writes: "I am totally happy with the home (IV) care I received to date! Thank you."

SL writes: "Thanks for all your help. If it were not for your service, I would have been stuck in the hospital even longer. I greatly appreciate it."

TD writes: "Your staff was awesome, friendly, and a joy to have in my home. You made a bad thing as good as could be expected."