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Intergenerational Learning Center

Also known as: Child care at the Mount

The Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) is an award-winning child care program located within Providence Mount St. Vincent in West Seattle. All children are welcome.

Both planned and spontaneous activities and programs for children take place throughout the building and campus which is also home to more than 400 older adults. Five days a week, the children and residents come together in a variety of planned activities such as music, dancing, art, lunch, storytelling or just visiting. These activities result in mutual benefits for both generations. This enhances the opportunities for children and people of all ages to have frequent interaction and is an integral part of the Mount's intergenerational community.

The ILC offers children opportunities:

  • To learn about the normal aging process
  • To accept people with disabilities
  • To be involved with people who are two or three generations apart
  • To become part of an extended family
  • To help them reduce their fear of older adults
  • To receive and give unconditional and unbounded love and attention

Residents and program participants benefit from:

  • Frequent interaction with children throughout their day
  • Physical activity in playing with the children
  • Opportunities to play, laugh and enjoy the spirit and joy that children bring to their home environment
  • A renewed sense of self-worth
  • An opportunity to transfer knowledge
  • The ability to serve as role models

Problem-solving based curriculum

In a problem-solving atmosphere, children are encouraged to think of solutions to problems that arise throughout their day, with their teachers acting as facilitators and guides. When children are learning that they are capable of solving problems, the teacher is neither permissive nor authoritarian. Children are trusted and encouraged by teachers to resolve problems that may occur in their environment, with materials and in their relationships. In addition, the children must take responsibility for their actions.

Fees and schedules

There are a variety of fee schedules available, ranging from full time to part time (full days, two to three days per week).

Child care program areas

Four program areas nurture your child through the early years. The ILC program areas are divided based on the child's age:

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Adult to child ratio is 1:3. Our infant room is comprised of two spacious, light rooms that allow babies to freely explore and experience through their senses, sounds, textures, visual images and the use of their bodies to enhance all forms of development. Schedules are specific to the individual babies.

Babies, escorted by the teachers, visit residents often - clearly one of our most popular activities! Residents of the Mount are always welcome to visit and can be seen often in the baby room.

Adult to child ratio is 1:4. This group of 12 toddlers has ample opportunities to use emerging physical abilities like climbing, running, using manipulative skills, emptying out bags and purses, painting with sponges, playing with dolls and household items, looking at books, and splashing in water.

Young toddlers go on friendly visits throughout the Mount while riding in a large red wagon pulled by their teachers.
14 children with three full-time staff members. Located between nursing center neighborhoods, this classroom gives 2 year-old toddlers the opportunity to be very close to residents. This is a truly shared space between residents and children. Residents use this room for special activities as well as visiting toddlers.
14 children with three full-time staff members. The transition year from toddlerhood to childhood is full of opportunity to learn about oneself. Our children gain in their abilities to do things on their own, investigating a rich environment for their imaginations, cognitive abilities and physical development. They have both structured and unstructured time with residents. The older toddlers may have sing-a long-time, craft activities and friendly visits accompanied by their teachers as they go throughout the building.

Adult to child ratio is 1:7. Our two preschool rooms are large and spacious for groups averaging 20 children. Each group has regular activities with residents allowing everyone involved to enjoy time together, learn new skills, take part in interesting activities. They may do cooking, crafts, singing and art throughout the year. The children and residents also take part in a structured art studio and music activities, both led by specialists.s 

The children also go on field trips throughout the year. The curriculum flows from the needs and interests of children, teachers, families and others and is in accordance with the children's developmental needs.

Each area has its own professional staff with the goal of facilitating relationships among the many generations who live, work, and are cared for at Providence Mount St. Vincent.