Media Coverage of the Intergenerational Learning Center

DenverChannelCoverage Daycare inside a nursing home? Yes, and it’s a big hit in Seattl - The Denver Channel
Date aired: Feb. 20, 2019

Many people struggle with loneliness, but it can be particularly hard among older adults. One unique daycare model is hoping to change that, by bringing children and seniors together.
400grandparents 400 Grandparents | Feels Like Home - Tastemade

Baby Lillian doesn't have just two set of grandparents - she has dozens! Her mother, Colleen, extends the meaning of family past the walls of her home & into an assisted living community, where the young and old have a very special connection.
PreschoolinsidenursinghomeKIRO7 Preschool inside a nursing home - KIRO 7
Date aired: Nov. 12, 2017

Preschool inside a West Seattle nursing home brings together the old and young, teaching both.
NightlyNews_SeattleDayCare Seattle Daycare and Nursing Home Intersect in Beautiful, Chaotic Harmony - NBC
Date aired: Feb. 9, 2017

A daycare and nursing home may sound like polar opposites, but at Providence Mount Saint Vincent in Seattle, young and old intersect in beautiful, chaotic harmony.
KomoNews_SeattleDayCare Eric's Heroes: A daycare where the oldest, and youngest mix - KOMO–TV
Date aired: March 8, 2017

In West Seattle there is a very special children's daycare.
The Growing Season

This 4-minute trailer was created by film maker Evan Briggs about her forthcoming documentary filmed at The Mount, The Growing Season.

Visit to learn more about the documentary.
The PBS NewsHour visit to The Mount
Date aired: April, 2016

PMSV SundayNightFeature
Sunday Night - Seven Network - Australia
Date aired: July, 2015