First Annual Turner Intergenerational Essay Awards*

$6,000 in total to be awarded to participants

  • Four 1st Place awards at $1,000 each
  • Four 2nd & four 3rd Place awards at $250 each

turner_award_medallion_2020Former and present Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) attendees (and a parent if the child is 8 or younger) are encouraged to submit your story of the impact of your experience at The Mount. Your story will help us to document and celebrate a key impact of this program as children and graduates have learned to live their lives perhaps with greater empathy, compassion and acceptance of elders and those less able.

If you are 9 or older, we want to hear from you directly about how your experience at the ILC shows up in your life today, even if you graduated 20 years ago. Parents may submit a story for children up to age 8. Please incorporate your child’s thoughts, ideas and experiences as much as possible. Your story will encourage others to continue attending and supporting the ILC for generations to come.

Essay contest

How to participate

  • Write a 500 word (or shorter) essay on the impact that the intergenerational experience at the ILC and The Mount had on your/your child’s life. Specific situations or examples are helpful in illustrating this impact. See attached application for story prompt ideas.
  • Submit your story with the attached form (see below) to The Mount by Friday, February 28, 5 p.m.
  • A selection committee will review the stories and choose a first, second and third place winner in each of four age categories ranging from current ILC students to 18 years and older.
  • In early March we will announce contest winners – four first place winners will be awarded $1,000. Second and third place winners in each category will earn $250 awards.
  • We will invite first place award recipients and their parents to attend our annual Intergenerational Giving Circle President’s Dinner on March 19, at The Sanctuary at Admiral in West Seattle.

Getting started

*This award is in honor and in memory of Dyke R. Turner, the visionary architect who was key in inspiring and then designing the program and spaces back in 1991, in collaboration with Joan Whitley, Program Director, and Charlene Boyd, Administrator.