Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplants are the most common of all solid-organ transplants, and post-transplant results are generally very good. The transplant team will assess potential transplant candidates and provide pre- and post-transplant medical care for those placed on an organ waiting list. The transplant team includes: 

  • Nephrologist
  • Transplant nephrologist
  • Transplant surgeon
  • RN transplant coordinator
  • Financial counselor
  • Transplant social worker

Candidate selection through follow-up

  • Phase 1: Evaluation to determine if a patient is a candidate for transplant
  • Phase II: Maintenance while the patient awaits transplant (waiting period may last from several months to several years) 
  • Phase III: Transplant surgery performed at designated surgery center
  • Phase IV: Post-transplant maintenance and care

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