Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning is a form of pregnancy planning that does not involve medicine or devices. Natural family planning can be used to achieve or avoid pregnancy by tracking a woman’s bodily changes throughout her menstrual cycle.

Natural family planning follows fertility signs that can be used alone or in combination with one another.

  • The Ovulation Method (Billings Method): This method is the primary natural sign that allows a woman to recognize when she is fertile by observing changes in her vaginal mucus discharge. It can be used in all reproductive circumstances including irregular cycles, cycles without ovulation, during breast or bottle-feeding, when coming off the pill or approaching menopause, and in couples of low fertility.
  • Basal Body Temperature: When a woman ovulates, her waking, resting body temperature rises to a sustained high level confirming ovulation.
  • Changes in the Cervix: As a woman's fertile phase begins, her cervix changes to receive sperm entering the uterus. NFP teaches the proper way to detect and correctly interpret those changes.
The natural method of family planning is:
  • Medically and scientifically proven
  • 98-99% effective for spacing or avoiding pregnancy
  • Safe, involving no drugs or devices
  • Affordable, requiring only a very low initial instruction cost
  • Highly effective for couples of low fertility in need of assistance in achieving a pregnancy

Learning the method

Natural family planning is easy to learn. It is important that the method be taught correctly and the woman’s initial progress be observed by professional instructors. Ask your doctor or gynecologist for a recommendation.

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