Naturopathic Oncology

Naturopathic oncology utilizes natural therapeutics, including both modern and traditional methods of treatment. Through diet and nutrition, exercise, vitamin and mineral supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies and more, naturopathic medicine can support the body's own healing abilities and strives to empower individuals to make lifestyle changes necessary for optimal health. The principles of naturopathic medicine are based on objective observation of the nature of health and disease.

Furthermore, naturopathy utilizes a holistic approach to healing, addressing the whole person: body, mind and spirit. The core of naturopathic medicine is to treat each person as an individual and to consider his or her whole being. We do not treat one bodily system as a separate entity from the rest of the person's body and psyche. It is equally important to care for the mind, the body,and the spirit in the appropriate manner for each unique patient.

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