Pediatric Psychiatry

Behavioral Emotional Skills Training (BEST)

Behavioral Emotional Skills Training (BEST) is a hospital-based day treatment program that provides intensive therapeutic treatment for boys and girls attending grade school, kindergarten through sixth grade. The five-week program is designed for children who have behavioral and emotional problems affecting relationships with family and friends and with school performance.

BEST works closely with families, schools and other agencies to provide a program suited to the child’s individual needs, as well as provide a transition back to outpatient services. BEST provides individualized client care via a multidisciplinary approach. While enrolled, each child will work with a team including a psychiatrist, registered nurse, clinical social worker, mental health counselor and a Spokane Public Schools instructor.  

Psychiatric Center for Children and Adolescents (PCCA)

The Psychiatric Center for Children and Adolescents (PCCA) provides short-term interventions to help kids, age 12-18, get back on track after a mental health emergency. Patients are referred to PCCA through the Emergency Department (ED). Once admitted, patients receive 24/7 care while their treatment team works on three primary treatment goals: stabilization of the mental health crisis, assessment of the patient’s mental health and referral to appropriate services for ongoing care. 

PCCA helps patients achieve stabilization, assessment and referral by offering interventions from a multidisciplinary approach. Interventions vary depending on each patient’s needs and can include medication management, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)-informed skills groups, observation by and interaction with nurses and mental health counselors (MHC’s) to ensure a safe environment, psychological assessment, behavioral assessment, medical assessment and treatment for any acute medical problems, family therapy, safety planning, advocacy to assist with the initiation of 504/IEP assessments at school and social work to assist with referrals for ongoing care. PCCA collaborates with families and outpatient therapists to help the patients have a smooth transition back home when they are ready for discharge.

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