Prenatal Genetic Counseling

Providence genetic counselors consult with pregnant women and couples who may be at risk to deliver a child with a birth defect, learning disorder or genetic condition because of family or personal history, age, ultrasound results or serum screening test.

Genetics consultations

During a genetic consultation, we’ll help you understand genetics, the diagnoses under consideration in your case and your options for additional evaluations.

Consider a genetic consultation if someone in your family:

  • Has more than one birth defect
  • Has a developmental delay or disability
  • Has physical features that differ from the rest of the family
  • Has growth problems
  • Has a known genetic disorder like cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy or Huntington's disease

Consider a genetic consultation if:

  • You’re concerned your child’s problems might be related to alcohol or drug use during pregnancy
  • Certain health problems seem to “run” in your family
  • Two or more close relatives on the same side of your family have had cancer – such as breast, ovarian or colon cancer
  • You’ve had three or more miscarriages or an unexplained stillbirth

Consider a genetic consultation if you’re pregnant and:

  • Test results indicate an increased risk for having a child with a birth defect
  • You’ll be 35 years of age or older when you deliver
  • You are concerned about an exposure to medications or drugs

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