Patient Information

Thank you for selecting Providence Medical Group. We accept new patients of all ages. Please contact a Providence Medical Group clinic to schedule an appointment. What to bring to each appointment:

  • Photo ID and insurance card
  • Referral from your primary care physician (if required by your insurance plan)
  • Co-payment (if required by your insurance plan)
  • Full list of medications with dosages (including over-the-counter supplements)
  • Detailed history of symptoms and treatments
  • List of questions
  • Information from any recent hospitalizations, specialty care or ER visits
  • Recent test results
  • Self-care information

Most health plans accepted

Providence Medical Group accepts most health plans. We bill most insurance plans directly. Be sure you understand what your insurance plan covers, so you aren’t surprised by unexpected charges. Please bring your insurance card to all appointments.

Billing, co-payments

Co-pays are due at the time of service. If you aren’t covered by insurance, full payment is due at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made.

Accepted forms of payment

We accept personal check, cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).

Integrated care

Providence will take steps to ensure that you will receive the care and services you need from the local medical team, with respect for your cultural, individual and care plan preferences and in your preferred language.

As we work together to develop a therapeutic relationship, we strive to have the most complete medical record for you, including a comprehensive medical history, health status and active diagnoses, test results, notes and referrals from specialists, ER visits and medications. We will work to gather documentation from other providers in your care journey, to assist in completing your care documentation with your primary care team. Please inform the staff at the front office (at the above contact information) of any self-referrals or other providers in which we may request documentation to complete your medical record.

We have technical tools and resources available to receive medical records from other providers/organizations and care settings, in and outside of Providence, in which you receive care. If you do seek care outside of your regular care team and/or provider, please advise the provider who you normally receive care from.

Comprehensive and coordinated care

You can expect evidence-based care from your provider and care team, as well as support for self-management of your health. This may include printed educational materials, in-person education or additional materials to assist in managing your health conditions with the goal to keep you healthy and able to manage medical conditions.

We strive to always provide a better care experience for yourself and family, and this includes addressing and expanding our behavioral and mental health services within Providence and also working with mental and behavioral health experts within our community to partner in your care. A licensed clinical social worker is available, either in your care team on-site or at our Providence Psychiatry Clinic, to work on conditions such as smoking cessation, substance abuse, anxiety, depression and other common underlying issues that may affect your physical well-being.

Medical Coverage

If you are uninsured, please contact our Financial Services department at 1-866-356-6658.

Request or Release Your Medical Records

Providence Health & Services provides access to medical records from our hospitals and other medical facilities to patients and their authorized representatives.