Senior Care

Also known as: Elder Care, Elderly Care

As we age, we may need more help maintaining our health and keeping up with daily life. Providence recognizes that with aging there is a broad spectrum of health care needs. For some, it’s some extra help at home to complete daily chores. To others, it’s skilled nursing to manage a chronic illness.

Wherever your needs fall, Providence provides the compassionate, skilled care to allow you to enjoy your senior years.

Providence offers the following types of care:

Optimal Aging

Optimal Aging from Providence connects you with trustworthy service providers who can lighten your load at home. Services include home maintenance, personal care, transportation, and food and meals. Learn more about Optimal Aging.

Adult day program

Adult day programs provide an environment for older adults living at home who would benefit from extra care, activities, and social stimulation. Learn more about adult day programs.

Assisted living

Assisted living residents live in an apartment setting and can access the services they need ‒ meals, laundry, housekeeping, and personal assistance – while still enjoying their privacy. Learn more about assisted living.

Skilled nursing, nursing homes and transitional care

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation is full-time care in a facility that focuses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns for the whole person. Learn more about skilled nursing and transitional care.

Providence ElderPlace

Providence ElderPlace is an innovative program of health care and social services for older adults. Our model of care is known as PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly). PACE programs keep older adults as healthy as possible in the community by providing comprehensive health care and social services. Learn more about Providence ElderPlace and PACE.

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