Therapeutic Yoga

Therapeutic yoga is a gentle movement practice that focuses on reducing stress and promoting holistic health. Medical research has shown that the regular practice of yoga techniques positively affect the health of body and mind in a variety of ways.

Originating in India, this approach integrates gentle movements, mindful stretching, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques to promote overall wellness. Yoga will help activate your parasympathetic nervous system’s ability to support your healing process. You will make gains in strength, flexibility, immune function and stress reduction.

Certified yoga instructors are skilled at adapting yoga poses to meet the needs of any level of health and fitness and will support you in modifying your practice appropriately. No prior experience is needed.

People with the following conditions may benefit from therapeutic yoga:

  • Acute and chronic injury
  • Anyone living with cancer and cancer survivors
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Limited flexibility and strength
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Tension headaches

Therapeutic yoga is offered at Providence or by referral at local yoga studios. Packages include one-on-one visits or group yoga classes. Your insurance company may cover the cost of treatment. A physician referral may be needed. Contact us to learn how yoga can help you to create, stimulate, and maintain an optimum state of physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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