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Being a Supportive Partner

Information on being a supportive partner during pregnancy and birth at Providence Health and Services in Washington.Just because you are not carrying the baby does not mean you are not a big part of the labor and delivery process. Being there for your partner takes strength and dedication. To prepare, be sure to review our labor checklist.

On your way to the hospital make sure you have everything packed that you will need. Review our list of what to bring to see if you are missing any items. It is a good idea to have the bag by the door at least one month out from the baby's due date.

The first stage of labor is called Transition. Be sure to review our information on how you can help during transition to make sure your partner gets through this difficult, but short phase.

Once your partner goes into labor she may hit an emotional low. You can be there for her using the Take Charge Routine. Be sure to review our information on Pain Management and Comfort Therapies so that you too can be educated.

After your baby is born you can apply for an official birth certificate. It is helpful to fill out much of the information in advance before you come to the hospital. If you and your partner are not married there are three ways to establish paternity. Paternity papers can be signed and notarized for no charge during regular business hours at the hospital, after the birth of the child.