Childbirth Preparation eClass

Enjoy comprehensive childbirth education online, at your own pace, and when it is most convenient for you!

This class provides expectant parents with information about labor and birth, comfort techniques and medical procedures including cesarean birth, postpartum and newborns. Gives parents knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about their labor and delivery.

The course takes 4-6 hours to complete. Includes videos, on-screen text, interactive exercises, quizzes, PDF worksheets, tools and a completion certificate.

Cost: $100.00

How to Register

  • Register online using the provided form (see below)
  • For more information or to register for a class by phone, call (425) 304-6047
  • Complete the registration form and mail it with a check or fax it to (425) 304-6048
  • Ask your prenatal care provider for a registration form

Register Online

Register online for Pregnancy and Childbirth Education classes including the Special Delivery Club, Childbirth Preparation, Childbirth Refresher, Practical Skills for Labor, Your Planned Cesarean Birth, Feeding Your Baby, Newborn Care, Infant Safety and CPR and Tour of the Family Maternity Center.

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