Camp Prov

Due to the coronavirus, we have made the decision to cancel Camp Prov this summer

As you know, Camp Prov is an integrated summer day camp for children aged 1½ to 12 with special needs, along with their siblings. This cancellation is based on social distancing recommendations from the CDC and Washington State Department of Health with an uncertain end date, and is in the best interest of the health and safety of all who participate in Camp Prov.

This would have been the 24th year that we welcomed these extraordinary families and provided an environment that is rich in education, fun and friends. We know that Camp Prov is a life-changing experience for many participants – not only the kids, but for the caregivers and other volunteers who devote their whole hearts to this enriching, soul-nourishing work.

We have never had to cancel the camp before. The coronavirus is changing our world, and we collectively grieve our losses. But this situation is temporary, and we are confident that Camp Prov will be back next year!

Please note, we have not and will not process any payments for this year.

Thank you to all who have been involved with Camp Prov as a donor, volunteer or supportive influence through the years. We will see you next summer.



Camp Prov was started in 1996 by the caring and compassionate women of the Providence General Children’s Association. Parents that have had children with special needs reported that they had difficulty finding summer activities for their children, as few camps were available in the Everett area to accommodate their children. In addition, they had difficulty finding time for themselves, as they had difficulty finding care for their children, even for an hour or two due to the complexity of medical issues in caring for their child. They worked with the staff at Providence Children’s Center and developed a day camp for kids with special needs and their siblings. This became Camp Prov.

This developed to not just being a place where these kids could go for a few hours in the summer, but also for developmental and learning for the children. Now it has progressed to help the children develop and learn how to manage sensory and behavioral challenges, transition issues, as well as speech and physical disorders. This in turn helps them improve their ability to develop positive relationships, acquire and use knowledge and skills, and be able to take appropriate action to meet their needs.

This has been entirely successful, and the parents and caregivers of Camp Prov say as much. We have heard comments such as “they were not talking before camp, but now they are,” and “He had so much fun at camp! We really don’t have many other options.” In addition, we have heard that the parents do things during this time such as go Christmas shopping, as taking their child with sensory issues would make this very difficult.


Special thanks

Camp Prov would not be possible without the funding help of Providence General Foundation and Providence Children’s Association. In addition, the support of our community partners, such as Everett Parks and Recreation where this camp is held, as well as the thousands of volunteer hours that have been provided has been invaluable. We anticipate that with the demand for this service and with the support of our many partners, Camp Prov will be a fixture in the Everett community for years to come!