Diabetes Basics and Beyond

This is a class designed to help people with Type 2 diabetes learn more about diabetes and proper self-care. The class is taught by a multidisciplinary team, which includes a registered nurse, clinical pharmacist, and licensed social worker who collaborate with our Providence Medical Group (PMG) primary care providers.

Topics include:

  • Diabetes definitions and physiology
  • Reducing risks
  • Monitoring
  • Problem-solving
  • Goal-setting
  • Healthy eating
  • Being active
  • Medications
  • Healthy coping

Classes are currently only available for patients with a PMG primary care provider, and require an appointment. Attendees may bring one support person (spouse, family member, friend, etc.) with them to the class. If your support person also has Type 2 diabetes and has a PMG primary care provider, they should also schedule an appointment in their name so that they can receive class materials and allow class educators to coordinate with their provider.

More information

Please call 425-316-5125 for scheduled times and locations, and to reserve a spot.